When did you last check that your project and system related risk processes are still fit for purpose?


Visit the microsite of our Senior Partner, Robert Toogood, to see how he can help with your current problems and challenges.


Do you need extra expertise on an ad-hoc basis to help with your project related challenges and problems?






This is where a non-executive manager (NEM) and our CHAORDIC PILOT™ Service can help - an extra pair of hands to help with an unexpected challenge… or possibly just someone independent to share, debate and develop ideas with.

We tailor your service to meet your unique, specific requirements covering whatever you need from us. This might be for a specific number of days per month or maybe a small retainer arrangement where ad-hoc advice and guidance is provided, as and when needed.

Your CHAORDIC PILOT™ Service will be:

  • FLEXIBLE: enabling you to move away from the rigidity and prescriptive behaviours of more traditional support services… enjoy complete flexibility to change and adapt in line with your changing needs and goals;
  • RESPONSIVE: protecting you from cold, impersonal and overtly commercially driven arrangements… benefit from an ongoing relationship with someone you trust, that wants to passionately help with your business and its challenges, and can respond quickly to leverage upon this when needed;
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: allowing you to be in control of the level of support you need… together we manage your service via a regular review session during which we look at how things have gone, confirm or refine areas of focus and agree next steps/actions for the coming period.

Our Senior Partner, Robert Toogood, is an information security expert, with specific expertise in areas such as cyber security, digital risk, data privacy (including GDPR) and risk management. His real-world information security and data protection experience spans over seventeen years, based on a successful systems and project management background; this experience starts in 2002 with Johnson & Johnson and business continuity planning activities within their UK operation, and has continued on a regular basis since then including a recent focus on helping clients with their cyber security related challenges.









This depth of experience means that in conjunction with his passionate desire to get things done, Robert is able and more importantly is willing to seamlessly move between management and execution roles within an assignment, when appropriate.

Robert believes very strongly in the importance of working in partnership and not in isolation from his clients; listening to their needs and not imposing pre-conceived solutions, taking time to properly understand the context in which they operate and only then, using his experience to provide innovative solutions.


Contact Robert Toogood direct on +44 (0)1983 617241 or via email at robert_toogood@projectsystemssupport.com to explore how our CHAORDIC PILOT™ Service can quickly help you... on a completely confidential and non-obligation basis.

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