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pic-01 The Complexity Challenge is an Economist Intelligence Unit report that investigates the rise of complexity in business and the challenges that increasing complexity creates.

As with much else in the world today, business is becoming increasingly complex. According to Jonathan Trevor, co-director of the Centre for International Human Resource Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, the rise in complexity is the result of an epochal shift from the industrial to the information age.

“Markets are changing and customers are changing,” says Dr Trevor. “What those changes are demanding is a higher degree of connectedness and a higher degree of customisation, and that’s forcing organisations to transform from one set of capabilities to another.”

Many organisations need to be more integrated to meet today’s challenges and they also need to almost constantly upgrade their proposition to customers. Although this process of transformation at companies has been ongoing for the past several years, the full extent of the complications involved is becoming clear only now.

How severely is increasing complexity affecting businesses? The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a global survey of 300 senior executives to ascertain the level of this challenge, as well as the causes and impact of it. This report also looks at what firms are doing to tackle the complexity.

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